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"I will teach you how to live a life you choose,

a life you trust, and a life you love!"

Jasmin MacKinnon

Zenalicious - Connected - Creator - Space Holder - Sisu

She / Her

Jasmin's positive, personable, expansive energy and the love of her craft has enabled her to be a multidisciplinary therapist in her thriving Wellness Studio for over 2 decades. As she retires her 20 year registered

massage therapy practice, she wholeheartedly embraces being a

Certified Personal Empowerment Coach with the S.W.A.T. institute.

Jasmin’s current toolbox of therapies includes Reiki Master-Teacher,

Licensed Body Sugaring Practitioner and Certified Reflexologist.

She also studying her Spirit-Talker Level 3 Certification training.


From growing up in adversity, leaving home at 16, and

constant self-sabotaging - to discovering her self worth,

trusting her intuition, and her unlimited potential.

Jasmin enjoys bringing her wisdom, sass, and humour to Public Speaking engagements. She touches on topics such as overcoming adversity, moving beyond fear and discovering your true-self. Jasmin is an International Best Selling Co-Author of the book F*ck Fear, the creator of YAHS Retreats and co-creator of Journey To Empowered Living Retreats. She is also the co-founder of 2 projects: V.E.S. (vibration-energy-sound) Therapy and the reflective yet playful Vlog "Gettin' Real Behind The Wheel" on YouTube.


Jasmin is skilled in Teaching and Facilitating Workshops,

Empowerment Coaching, Energy Healing, Intuitive guidance and

is a successful Entrepreneur.

She is an inner-shift generator & inner-wisdom activator!

Nothing pleases Jasmin more than working with and helping

clients feel light-hearted, empowered, find clarity and experience

a better sense of oneself.


When you realize you have a choice, you have a voice!

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