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Usui Reiki Energy Healing Workshops & Certifications

reiki refresher level 1

Reconnect and feel confident with your Reiki hand positions and skills through this workshop!

Reiki Level 2(1)

Learn 3 core symbols, Emotional & Distance Healing. Become a certified Reiki Practitioner of the 2nd Degree

Reiki Level 1(4)

Learn to tune in & develop the ability to offer healing to yourself, your loved ones & pets. Improve your energy by feeling more positive and connected to oneself and others.

The doors to the Optimal Self Society are open NOW!

Each month I deliver:
-reflective lessons,
-guided meditations,
-special guest experts,
-live group meditations,
-distance healing sessions,
-community connection,
and so much more!



Here’s the Optimal Self Society (OSS) Membership scoop my friends:

✓Online Membership begins June 1st, 2022 but you can register NOW! Yippee!
✓4 (+) monthly ‘Inner-Shift Generator’ lessons, sessions, activities and/or prompts by video and/or audio
✓ Downloadable PDF Worksheets to accompany some of the lessons for deeper soul work
✓ Direction on how to learn to connect with the deeper layers of YOUR human experience (body, mind, soul & spirit)
✓ 1 Optimal Self Society Membership Zoom Meditation & Distance Healing session monthly over zoom (30-45min).
✓ 1 Special Guest that is an expert in their zone of genius guiding us through a mini-workshop, exercise or experience! 
✓ Past experts such as: Shawn Leonard (Aboriginal Psychic Medium), Terra Brockett (Certified Sound Healing Therapist & Meditation Teacher),  Dr. Priya Joshi (Naturopath), Nikki Otto (Dietitian & Nutritionist specializing in Disordered Eating) to start!
✓ Archive library of video content from the birth of the OSS Interest Group
✓ Private Facebook group only for registered OSS Members
✓ Each themed month’s content will be available at the beginning of each month.


✓ You have first-dibs access to future online programs, workshops and 1-1 coaching openings outside of the membership!


✓ You will be locked into the 2022 Membership monthly rate of only $47 until Dec. 31st, 2022 should the membership price increase.
✓ This is a membership, not a course - although you learn an abundance of empowerment and spiritual tools. The membership carries through unless the prices changes, or you opt out.

You will feel how this private collective of open-hearted women supports you in expanding your Body, Mind, Spirit, and Soul's journey.

It's incredibly conscious group that are all in different stages of personal growth, spiritual growth, and healing.

Please contact Jasmin with any questions!
In the meantime, please join our free Facebook Optimal Self Society INTEREST GROUP to get a taste of what's possible!

Women's Empowerment Programs 

Mid-Life Consciousness Intro Workshop

Mid-Life Consciousness Intro Workshop

A 4-Session Online Group program for women who are feeling stuck, uninspired, ungrounded in their lives who want to explore their potential & to gain a better understanding of themselves. Bringing awareness on how they hold themselves back & limiting themselves. The purpose of this workshop is to introduce women to the concepts of Empowerment, taking stock as to where they are stuck and to shift them into trusting that they have a CHOICE AND A VOICE! Workshop date to be determined.

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