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Discover the freedom of being who you were really meant to be!

I am elated that you are ready to explore what's possible for you and that you are ready to start living a juicy life!

My coaching and mentoring can reshape your life to one of fulfillment, connection and joy! 

I will teach you how to live a life you choose,

a life you trust and a life you love.

Whether you are interested in Empowerment Coaching, Soul Awareness Mentoring, exploring Energy Healing, taking an online workshop, attending my Empowerment Retreats, becoming a Reiki Energy Practitioner, or just have questions - simply fill out the form below with any questions you may have! 


Jasmin MacKinnon
Home  Wellness Studio

Lucasville, NS


Work with Jasmin from anywhere in the world! She can connect with you face to face through Zoom, or email, and telephone.

Telephone: 902.800.8741


What are you interested in?

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