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What do you think most folks want in life?

I'm talking in the big picture? I don't mean the fancy cars, big house, and material things. What is it that people really desire?





Soul Healing?

What do YOU desire?

I can guide you to gain more confidence, create healthy mindsets, and to show up in a deeply empowered way!

Close The Gap

What does being Empowered mean?

It’s when you do your best to live a life you desire that is in alignment with your personal values.
It means developing healthy boundaries. Empowerment means you know you have a choice.

Bridge The Gap

Feeling Disconnected?

Learn how to become aware of, take care of and nurture the 5 layers of your being: Mental, Physical, Emotional, Energetic, and Spiritual. Shift your mindset, trust your intuition, make better decisions and feel grounded.

Mind The Gap

Do you want to work with energy?

Energy Healing teaches you how to access, tune into and feel the subtle energies

within & around you.  This practice will guide you to support your client to feel connected, aligned, relaxed, and rejuvenated!

Jasmin's Offerings

  • NEW! Quintessential Energy Healing is a deeply transformational, heart...

    333 Canadian dollars
  • An amplified dive of self exploration, inner-healing, deep clearing & ...

    1,100 Canadian dollars
  • Awareness . Wisdom . Acceptance. Knowing . Energy

    777 Canadian dollars
  • Where do your limiting thoughts hold you back? Explore your blocks! (F...

    197 Canadian dollars
  • Dive into your mental, emotional and energetic blocks in 3 sessions

    555 Canadian dollars
  • 6 Session leap towards learning how to master your mindset and growth

    1,111 Canadian dollars
  • Experience this high vibration that aids in chakra balancing, leaves y...

    135 Canadian dollars
  • Deluxe Neck, Scalp and Face Massage & Reiki Energy Healing

    135 Canadian dollars
  • Massage Therapy & Usui Reiki Healing

    175 Canadian dollars
  • Feeling out of touch with your Reiki practice? Want to learn Level 2?

    90 Canadian dollars
  • Learn to tune in & give healing to yourself, your loved ones & pets.

    287 Canadian dollars
  • Learn 3 core symbols, Emotional & Distance Healing. Practitioner Level

    333 Canadian dollars
  • Master Reiki Attunement & Symbols. Able to attune & certify students.

    647 Canadian dollars
  • Jasmin's decades of experience will help you to relax, reduce stress, ...

    125 Canadian dollars
  • Jasmin's decades of experience will help you to relax, reduce stress, ...

    175 Canadian dollars
  • Jasmin's decades of experience will help you to relax, reduce stress, ...

    225 Canadian dollars

Sogo Body Therapy

Jasmin MacKinnon

Some of you know me from Sogo Body Therapy (est. 2004).
All of Jasmin's Hands-On Therapies, Coaching & Mentorship, and Remote Services are now listed on this site!

  • Quintessential Energy Healing

  • Empowerment & Soul Coaching

  • Usui Reiki Energy Healing

  • Usui Reiki Energy Certification Info

  • Certified Therapeutic Massage

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