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Mid-Life Consciousness Intro Workshop

An introduction and basic outline to having a better understanding of why

you might feel stuck in the muck!

Explore what is holding you back, what your limiting beliefs might be, and

how to have more compassion and comprehension for your life's journey.

Do You Ever Feel...

That you worry too much?

Have negative self talk?

Uninspired, afraid of change, burned out?

Just plain stuck in a rut?
You might be working on yourself and seeing momentum

but something is keeping you from taking it to the next level!


I’m an Empowerment Coach Who helps women RECLAIM their true worth

and RELEASE old stories that hold them back.

I help women unwind the layers so they can feel confident and

connected to how they show up in the world,

say NO without guilt,

say YES to their desires even when it freaks them out,

and live a juicier happier life.

I want you to know I’m living proof that ‘YES, THERE IS MORE TO LIFE” then the

feeling stuck, unworthy, guilty crap we carry around in our heads taking up space!

I get it! I too have experienced adversity, seen some shit, and I have been in hard places.

I finally started learning how to love myself - which looked like doing the soul work,

the heavy lifting, and the taking responsibility for my life.

It has been a very worthwhile journey!

You CAN do this. You are WORTH this.

Jasmin helps you to take back your power and take control of your life. Which is such a gift, that keeps on giving. You are in good healing hands, feel uplifted and completely supported. I highly recommend some empowerment coaching from Jasmin.

She can help you to see patterns that you couldn’t see for yourself.
~ Christina MacLeod ~

You will receive:

  • 4 Live group Zoom calls that will be recorded for you to refer back to

  • The recorded call ensures if you can't make it to the Live Call you still receive the lesson content

  • Approximately 45 minutes per zoom call

  • Be taught concepts, given written exercises, journal prompts, and learn tools to become more conscious & empowered

  • All content is hosted online in an incredible teaching platform called Kajabi

  • Some interaction with the willing guests during the zoom session

  • Private intimate online community group (Facebook. Not mandatory)

  • Extra informative nuggets and resources between the 4 classes

  • Templates for journal prompts and conscious-action homework

  • Email support

  • BONUS! If you join by the Feb. 1st, you will be entered into a Special Draw to win a 1 hour empowerment coaching session!

  • Special bonus offering! You will learn about more once you join!


More importantly, you will be able to recognize old programs that dis-empower you, begin to trust in yourself more, take more conscious actions and make healthier decisions from an empowered place.




Active change from the inside out!

If you find yourself hungry for more healing.

Want to feel lighter and hopeful.

Have more courage.


One of Jasmin's major strengths for me, was her ability to guide me back to finding

my own voice. She helps you as the client find and feel the power of choice.

There is something incredibly special about being supported in finding your ability

to choose and learning how to empower yourself.
~ Josslynn Koszegi ~

Here's the scoop:


Investment in YOU: 
Join the workshop by Feb. 1st for only $77 CAD (taxes included) and you

will receive a ballot to WIN a FREE EMPOWERMENT COACHING SESSION with Certified Empowerment, Jasmin MacKinnon (remotely).

* Doors close for registration Feb. 7th at NOON - AST.


Dates: The workshop Live Webinars are on Feb. 8th, 15th, 22nd & March 1st for 45 minutes each.
Time:  8:00 PM - AST


Set up is much easier than it sounds. Promise!

I will provide clear instructions on how to get you rolling! Easy Peasy!

The workshops I attended continued to challenge my outlook on life and encouraged me to lovingly accept my perceived flaws, giving me the mental space to work on my strengths without benchmarking them to others. By leveraging her active listening approach we were able to pinpoint my selfmade obstacles, and I immediately felt the beginning of a shift.
~ Tina McNabb ~

Are you Ready?

​If any of this remotely stirs something within you...

If you are even a bit curious..

Email me any questions you might have.

If you are like “YES GIRL, LET’S DO THIS!”,

then you can go ahead and

follow this link to sign up!


Once you are registered you will have access to the Kajabi platform and will receive an email on your next steps. I will send you an invitation to our private facebook group and also enter you into the

Special Draw to win 1 Hour of Empowerment Coaching right away.


So are you ready to explore into your

Mid-Life Consciousness and find freedom from the inside out?

If you are, then let’s step into

2021 with more awareness, understanding, while unlocking your

unrealized & unclaimed INCREDIBLE 'SELF' & YOUR AWESOME  JUICY LIFE?

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