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Finding Your Center MeditationJasmin MacKinnon
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Self Love & Acceptance MeditationJasmin MacKinnon
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Connect with me!
Complimentary 15 minute Exploration Call

(zoom or phone)

*for a limited time


If you are feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or even disconnected, then you will find this Mini-Exploration Call very beneficial! 

I will guide you through a clear and intentional process in which you will get a clearer sense of where you could use some support. 


We will explore a few questions to hone in on whats front of mind:

  • Where you might be holding back from having more happiness?

  • Where you might have loose boundaries?

  • Are you feeling stuck or disconnected?

  • Do you feel bad about asking for help? 

  • Do you worry a lot?

  • Do you find you take things too personally?

  • Do you feel unworthy of good things like you don't deserve them

  • Are you feeling pretty solid but loose confidence in a particular  area of your life?


Together, we will delve into what approach or combination is

best suited for you. We can explore how to get clear with your

big picture vision.  What are your heart centered values and

desires. We can visit the concept of learning to work with our

own energy and what it means  to really tap into our

natural GPS system, our intuition.  

Whether it's - Empowerment Coaching,

Soul Awareness Mentoring, or working with Reiki Energy -

Each approach and method is incredibly effective in teaching you

a new perspective and a healthier lens to view the world from. 

They compliment each other beautifully and are

incredibly effective on their own. 

Should you be intrigued with learning more, I will  teach you how

to become more present and how to live your life with lightness,

clarity, and authenticity. The ripple effect of showing up from

this place and space is life-changing. 

Connecting with me for a 15 minute mini-consult will help give

you juicy taste of how you are able to shift your life! 

I will teach you how to live a life you choose,

a life you trust, and a life you love!

Connect with me!
Complimentary 15 minute Mini-Discover Call

Limited time only. Value = $40 (+hst)

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